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  • Yoghurt
  • Honey
  • Bananas


Place ingredients into a blender and just cover with your favourite juice. Blend until smooth. Taste, add honey if desired. Enjoy straight away.

Basic smoothie: banana, yoghurt and honey

Breakfast smoothie: banana, wheat biscuit, yoghurt and honey

Tropical smoothie: banana, pineapple (canned or fresh) and passionfruit (fresh or pulp)

Summer berry smoothie: banana, frozen mixed berries, yoghurt and honey

Blurple smoothie: blueberries, yoghurt and honey

Summer smoothie: strawberry, pineapple, banana, yoghurt and honey


Qty Price
Meadow Fresh Yoghurt Tub Strawberry $4.50 ea was $5.00
$4.50 ea was $5.00
Arataki Clover Honey $5.00 ea was $5.50
$5.00 ea was $5.50
Fresh Produce Bananas Yellow $2.99 kg
$2.99 kg