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Cathedral Cove Coconut Yoghurt Raspberry jar 300g - buy online at
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Cathedral Cove Coconut Yoghurt Raspberry jar 300g

Made in New Zealand

Made completely naturally without any preservatives, gums or thickeners - simply coconut cream probiotic cultures complimented by raspberries, white chia seeds, with a touch of lemon juice and coconut sugar for a rich raspberry flavour that contains less than 4% total sugar. Free from dairy, gluten and soy this yoghurt alternative has a bold, creamy texture and delicious ‘coconutty’ flavour. Our raspberry chia coconut yoghurt comes in a 500g and 210g glass jar.

The perfect companion to cathedral cove naturals’ super cereal and muesli range. Delicious enjoyed simply with fresh fruit, blended in smoothies, on top of chia puddings or served with healthy baking.

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