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Phloe Biotics Bowel Care 50pk - buy online at
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Phloe Biotics Bowel Care 50pk

Phloe has a unique triple action of enzymes, prebiotics and fibre which have been isolated entirely from new zealand green kiwifruit. This triple action works naturally with the body to optimise your bowel health.
How does this unique triple action work and why is it so good?
the enzymes in phloe very gently support movement in the bowel aiding transit time and allowing toxins and waste to move through the bowel quickly. The great thing about the enzymes in phloe is that they work naturally and gently with the body without any nasty side effects such as diarrhoea or spasms.
the fibre in phloe works by bulking the stool with moisture and aiding transit time through the bowel.
think of the prebiotics in phloe as ‘food for the good bacteria’ in your digestive system.
The unique thing about the prebiotics in phloe is that they have been shown to increase the good bacteria as well as inhibit the bad bacteria levels in your digestive system, resulting in a