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Unlimited Deliveries with a Delivery Saver


  • Unlimited deliveries with a Delivery Saver (minimum spend applies)
  • Flexible time periods available - 3 or 6 month Delivery Saver
  • Delivery fee automatically removed at the checkout
  • Choose any available window, 7 days a week
  • See your Saver information in the MyAccount area

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Delivery Saver?
A Delivery Saver allows you to prepay for your Delivery fees for a given period of time.

How does it work?
Once purchased, your Saver will automatically remove the delivery fee on any order over $80. The best way to purchase a Saver is as part of your normal shop.

How often can I order?
You can order as often as you like and receive unlimited deliveries when you have an active Delivery Saver, subject to our Terms & Conditions and Fair Use policy.

Can I select any delivery slot?
Absolutely - a Delivery Saver allows you to select any available slot 7 days per week.

Is there a minimum spend?
The minimum spend before your Delivery Saver will activate is $80. Orders under this value will be charged the standard fees as applicable.

How quickly can I start using my Delivery Saver?
Your Delivery Saver will be activated against your account immediately so you can start using it straight away.

Can I change from a 3 month Delivery Saver to 6 month Delivery Saver?
Unfortunately not at this point. You can purchase a 6 month Delivery Saver which will activate once your 3 month Delivery Saver has expired.

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*Terms & Conditions: A Delivery Saver is valid from date of first delivery. $80 minimum spend per order applies. Orders under this value will be charged the standard fees as applicable. Once activated the delivery fee will automatically be removed at the checkout. Maximum of two active passes against an account at any one time. Only available for delivery of online purchases and use in full service areas (excluding Great Barrier Island and the Chatham Islands). Only persons aged 18 or over can receive or pick up orders with alcohol, tobacco products or other restricted products, ID required. No refunds unless required by law. The offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash. For a full list of Terms and Conditions please click here.