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Browsing the store

Finding Products

To find a product, type a description in the box near the top of the page and click 'search'

or find products that you have bought before

or find a list of products

If you are getting too many, or not enough, results: see the following section of defining your search.

Make future shopping visits quicker and easier by saving your shopping lists - as many as you like.
Go to your favourites, check the items you want in the list,
then click the 'Save checked items as a new list' in the top left corner.

If you’re unsure what you need, browse our range by clicking on browse ailses.
Then navigate using the panel on the left hand side.
This will lead you to each department, aisle and shelf.

Defining Your Search

Start by choosing the general name of an item
ie 'milk'.
This will generate the most possible results.

If you have too many results, be more specific
ie 'homebrand milk' or 'milk trim'.

You can also search by volume or size
ie 'homebrand milk 2l' or 'milk trim 1l'.

If no results are found, try using fewer words or a different spelling.
For example if you are not sure how to spell spaghetti
just type in spag
The search will find all words containing spag, and spaghetti is sure to be displayed.

Sometimes the search won’t find what you are looking for. Reasons for this can be:
• incorrect spelling, too many words as the search needs to find all words (although it removes common words such as the, with, in, a, for)
• It is best not to use any numbers or punctuation, such as commas, stops, quote marks.

Search Results

Your search results are then displayed in up to 3 different ways

Department/Aisle/Shelf results (single search & browse aisles only)

This appears as a grey panel on the left of the screen.
It shows the search results broken down by department and a number of how many products were found in that department.
Each department can then be clicked to display the aisle results and each aisle can then be clicked to display the shelf results.
When a department, aisle or shelf is clicked the 'you might like' and 'All search results' will automatically adjust.

You might like...

We've selected 3 products that we think you are looking for.

All search results...

These are all the results found from the search.
The results can then be sorted by:
Aisle, Alphabetical, Price High to Low, Price Low to High or Relevance.

If you are getting too many or not enough results, see the previous section of defining your search.

Trolley Features

The trolley will remain on-screen throughout the shopping process,
so you can keep track of items while you shop.

Different trolley features allow you to:
• View the items you are going to purchase, plus product details
• See individual and total costs of items
• Add or delete items at any time
• Save different shopping lists

Product Information

The name, quantity and price of each item will appear in your trolley.
To view the product again, click on the products name. This will display the product.

Adding Items

To add an item to your trolley from a shelf, click on 'Add'.
You can also add something that you may have saved on a previous list or ordered before.
Go to your favourites and select the product.

Changing Quantity

Selected items remain in your trolley for you to modify if you wish.
To change the number or quantity of any item you want to buy, click on the "+" or "-."
If you change your mind, simply delete an item by clicking on the "x."

View Favorites

You can refer to previously saved shopping lists, past orders, Onecard shopping list and saved recipes in your favourites.
Once you have chosen which lists or orders to view, you can save time by using them as a base for todays order.
Modify these lists by adding or taking away items and then clicking on 'Add' to put them into todays trolley.

Save Trolley

At any time, you can save your trolley contents as a list for future reference.
Once saved, lists are not affected by subsequent changes that you make to your trolley.
So, if you modify the contents of your trolley after already saving them as a list, remember to save your trolley again.

Clear Trolley

Clicking here clears all items out of your trolley.
Be careful - Once you click CLEAR TROLLEY, you cannot retrieve that information unless you’ve already saved it in your favourites.


When you’re ready to purchase your items, click on the 'Checkout' button to place your order.