Mixed Berry Fruit and Ginger Nut Crumble

Mixed Berry Fruit and Ginger Nut Crumble

  • Cook time

    35 mins


  • Sugar - ½  cup
  • Lemon for zest and juice - 1
  • Star anise - 1
  • Cinnamon stick - 1
  • Fresh blackberries - 1 ½ cups
  • Fresh raspberries - 1 ½ cups
  • Fresh blueberries - 1 ½ cups
  • Gluten free ginger nut biscuits, ground - 12
  • Softened butter - 50 g
  • Sugar, optional - 4 Tbsp


  1. Bring sugar, 1 cup water, zest, lemon juice, star anise and cinnamon stick to the simmer and add the fresh berry fruits. Remove from heat and allow to cool in the juices.

  2. To make the topping, mix softened butter with the ground biscuits and sugar.

  3. Remove the star anise and cinnamon stick then spoon half the berry mixture into a 4cm deep, 20cm base pie dish. Sprinkle half the topping over berry mixture.

  4. Repeat with remaining berry mixture and topping. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 180°C. Set aside to cool for 5 minutes. Serve with cream, custard or vanilla ice cream.

Tip: You can replace fresh berry fruits with 450g frozen mixed berries to make this when fresh berries are no longer in season.