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Mr Pink Insect Control Cloth Moth Trap 2pk - buy online at
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Mr Pink Insect Control Cloth Moth Trap 2pk

Mr pink clothes moth traps are easy to use, no mess, environmentally friendly and is a safe odourless solution to breaking the moth life cycle. The all-natural pheromone based trap has absolutely no poisons or pesticides.

The trap uses a sticky board, infused with moth pheromones. Just peel off the sealing paper, fold into a triangle shape and at the top insert the joining tab.
Place or hang in the wardrobe, closet or other areas where clothing moths may be.

The moths follow the scent and become trapped, breaking the moth breeding life cycle and/or identifies a more serious moth problem that may need further attention.

Replace with fresh mr pink clothes moth traps when full or within 60 – 90 days.

Mr pink clothes moth traps are specifically for the type of moths that eat clothes and natural fibres. Use mr pink pantry moth traps for the specific type of moths in your pantry.

$10.00 ea
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