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I just want to say big thank you. My husband is away, I am sick, with no bread or apples, and my son is hungry. I don't have to rush when my husband comes home to get groceries. It is a great service. Phone operator was so kind, helpful and friendly. Delivery person is a very happy smiley person, too.
Thank you very much.


I just wanted to send you a note to say how wonderful your service is.

I started online shopping 15 months ago, when my third baby arrived. With 3 pre-schoolers, going to the supermarket would be an absolute nightmare!!!!

I use this service every week without fail. I have never done a full shop walking through the supermarket again!!! I have saved so much time, energy and money!!!!

Not to mention sanity!! Every chance I get, I tell family and friends how easy it is and how much time and money is saved by shopping online.

You’ve got me hook, line and sinker.

Thanks for a wonder service.

K. Stokes

Thanks, fabulous service - from the quick lists, to the confirmation phone call, to the delivery truck that pulled up outside... and the delivery guy (friendly, polite, well presented). Our order (chilled, frozen and standard) arrived in perfect condition.

A. Archbold

I ordered my groceries online for the first time the other day and I just want to let you know how great the system works. As a new mother, grocery shopping is a bit of a minefield (actually, I'm not good in supermarkets at the best of times!) and your online shopping provides me with the perfect solution. I was particularly impressed at how beautifully everything was wrapped and even the wee hand written note explaining that one item had to be substituted was great - this gave it a nice personalised touch. So thank you very much! I never have to traipse the aisles again.

H .Reeves

Just wanted to pass on my sincere "Thank You" for your wonderful service!

Most people are quick to complain but hardly take the time to compliment on a job well done. I have been house bound for the last two weeks due to recent surgery and rather than rely on friends to do my grocery shopping I found your online service to be perfect! Even after I realised that I forgot to order some milk - it was no trouble to add to my order. I was pleasantly surprised, especially the fresh products (Fruit, Vegies, Meat, Deli) are of outstanding quality and starting with the ease of use of your website, to the fast reply by your team when I realised I missed an item, right up to the friendly smiles of the delivery guys, made this experience a recommendable one! Once again - many thanks for a job well done and a great service!


You asked for some feed back with regard to my first online shopping experience.

It was just wonderful!!! I have a few steps up to my house, two children, I study full time and my partner is away a lot with work. Shopping is often my worst nightmare as I have little enough time as it is. My children get bored out of their brain when the come shopping with me and lugging the groceries up the stairs is just awful.

Shopping online enabled me to have a coffee and a bite to eat while selecting my goodies. If I couldn’t remember what I needed, I just walked into the kitchen and looked in my cupboards. Not only did it save me time, but it saved me money as I didn’t spend my money on things I didn’t need. Not one, but two guys turned up at the right time and took the shopping right into my kitchen, they were so friendly and pleasant; it was just like a dream come true.

I will certainly be doing this again. Why on earth I didn’t I do it earlier? I don’t know.

L. Dempsey

I have found online shopping really wonderful. I have just had a baby 4 weeks ago and am trying to save my energy for other things so being able to do the shopping from home is fantastic. The delivery times are great and everything is arriving in good condition. I also find the layout really easy to work with, I am able to find everything that I need really easily. I am a person who really enjoys grocery shopping and I didn't think that I would enjoy this quite as much. I will look forward to going back to the supermarket at some stage but for now this is working well.

Lisa Marshall

Just a quick note to say how very happy we are with your wonderful service.

We couldn’t imagine going to the supermarket ever, online shopping is the best. We have told all our friends and now there doing it to. We have already saved money by doing shopping online.

Keep up the good work.

Angela & Andrew Bing

I would like to extend a big thank you to Dianne and her team for promptly sorting out my order and proactively changing my user profile as required. I rang my children in Wellington this morning (Monday night NZ time) and they confirmed that the groceries had arrived. They were absolutely rapt. I am very impressed with Woolworths Online shopping service. Being able to order from London and send groceries to my children in Wellington is fantastic. Please pass on my thank you and commendation to Dianne and her managers. Being able to buy and send products as gifts to friends and family in New Zealand (obviously limited to locations which have nearby Woolworths distribution centres) is great. I imagine that there are many Kiwis here in London who would take advantage of such a service.


I cannot express how brilliant this service is. As a busy working mother of three, grocery shopping WAS an added hassle that I could do without. Cruising down your isles checking out the specials while having a coffee is fantastic. Click and it's all done. On delivery, everything was packed beautifully and 100% correct. Thank you Woolworths for being a market leader. See you next week!


Thank you for your e-mail! After shopping online with Woolworths, I can only say one thing, it was FANTASTIC!!! Saved me time, no hassles involved, the fruit was amazingly fresh and I couldn't have picked it better myself! And the prices were on par (if not better) than other supermarkets. It's definitely something that I plan on doing on a regular basis!! Thanks for this fabulous shopping experience!


I just had to let you know how happy I am. Your service is fantastic. The web page is easy to use, my order turned up as ordered and on time. Unbelievable.

Its safe to say that I’ll be using this service again in the near future. Thanks and keep up the great work.


I would like to say that I have been absolutely amazed at the quality and standards of my groceries, I have never been so happy. I am a Hairdresser and I have my own business and service and quality are two things that I am very conscious of, so to have the service returned is awesome. I even got a fab personal touch on one of my orders, one of the girls put a quick had written note saying Have a great Weekend.

I have done nothing but rave to my clients about my new found freedom on the weekend and the high standard of fruit and veg that gets delivered (as that has been the first comment about the service). My computer died and I have had to do a manual shop two weeks in a row and it does not rock. I am definitely back online now and will be up and running for next week. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your service.

Megan Douglas
Vanillia Hair Studio, Auckland

We used the online service for the first time yesterday and we are really thrilled with the way it worked. Thanks to all involved. We will be regulars now!


Thank you so much for promptly advising of Onecard number and adding on the points spent in last shop - I have been so impressed with the service that Woolworths has offered that I will continue to shop with Woolworths and also to use the home delivery service. I am at home for 8 weeks with my leg in plaster and on crutches so the online/home delivery service has been a godsend. But once i am back in action as I mentioned above I will continue to homeshop. The whole process of registering/ordering etc customer service honestly has been amazing down to the personal shopper and the delivery boys, also being able to choose a delivery time makes life easy if you are working. Thank you so much for your attention to detail on customer service. I also work in the service industry and appreciate the follow up and the communication through emails.

Sandy O'Connor