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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions give us a call on 0800 40 40 40 or email us.

New to our store?

I am trying to register but cannot locate my delivery suburb or city?

This could be an oversight or it could mean that we do not deliver to your area. If your suburb or city is missing, contact our Customer Care team and we will investigate for you.

Can I use my Onecard online?

Certainly, simply remember to enter your Onecard number when you place your order. You earn 1 reward point for every $10 spent online. Enter your Onecard number and we can generate a shopping list for you based on items you have purchased in Countdown stores.

Do we offer discounts for large purchases?

No, however the delivery fee is reduced as the total of the order increases. Click here for the delivery fee schedule.

Do we supply trade orders?

If you are purchasing goods for re-sale in a retail outlet, then we will not supply your order. For orders that exceed normal household/office quantities, you may be charged additional delivery fees.

Managing your account

How do I update my personal details?

To update your details, click here.

You can update this information anytime or contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

How do I change my password?

You need to be logged in to change your password. Then click here, scroll down, and fill in the 'Modify Password' section and click 'Update Details'. Or contact our Customer Care Team.

What happens if I forget my password?

Click here and enter your email address. Your password will be emailed to your email account.

How do I change my delivery address?

To add a new delivery address, or edit an existing address, click here. To change where your order will be delivered to, click here. Alternatively you can e-mail our Customer Care Team. Please note that the products available, and their prices, may be different depending on the address you select.

I expected to get an email but I have not received it?

To ensure that you receive our mailings, please add to your address book. You can also do this by clicking on "add address" once you receive and open your first email. If you don't receive any emails from us at all, check your Spam Folder to make sure they are not accidentally delivered there.

Browsing the store

What Specials are available online?

You will find most advertised Countdown specials available online. Some specials available in our stores will not be available online, whilst some specials available online will not be available in our stores. Specials are displayed Saturday through Friday midnight.

When do Specials start and finish online?

Most Specials run for one week, starting on Saturday and finishing at midnight Friday. At times there will be other specials that run for shorter or longer periods of time. It is best to checkout your order before midnight of the upcoming Friday to ensure you receive the special prices.

What happens if a special price changes before I checkout?

The price will return to the normal price. To avoid this happening it is best to checkout your order before midnight of the upcoming Friday.

What products do you offer?

Countdown online offers most products and brands you would find in a Countdown store - including fresh meat and fish, produce, bakery and delicatessen lines. Some products may not be available, including very large items, hot food and gift vouchers. In some areas [normally outside the main cities] the product range is limited to dry goods that do not need refrigeration.

How do I find products?

There are several way to find products in our store.

To find a product, type a description in the box near the top of the page and click 'search'. Or you can:

How do I order less than 1 KG for products purchased by weight?

Simply enter the quantity you require in the quantity box displayed below each product. To order 250 grams simply enter 0.25 (0.25 x 1Kg) then click 'Add to trolley' to add the item to your trolley.

How do I cancel an order?

You need to contact our Customer Care Team to request the cancellation of an order. If your order has been picked and dispatched it will not be possible to cancel an order.

How do I save an order?

All completed orders are saved for here. Alternatively you can save an order at any time by clicking on Save Trolley at the bottom of your shopping trolley. You can access your saved lists from My saved lists.

How do I shop from a saved list or past order?

Using the Favourites section of the store, a range of lists will be available for you. This includes your Onecard list if you have set this up, and all your past orders and saved lists. You can add items to your trolley directly from these lists.

Can I change an order once I have submitted it, including adding additional items?

This may be possible if you order has not yet been picked and dispatched. You will need to contact our Customer Care Team to request the changes.

How do I know that the fresh foods I order really are fresh?

The fresh foods we supply you are selected directly off the shelves in our supermarkets. It is your Personal Shopper’s job to select only the highest quality fresh foods available.

When can I place my order?

You can place your order at any time. However, the website is unavailable for a short period at approximately 3.00am whilst website maintenance is occurring.

How far in advance can I order?

Up to one week in advance.

What does “Allow Substitutions” mean?

If you “Allow Substitutions”, your Personal Shopper will select a similar item for you if the original item you have selected is unavailable. If you do not “Allow Substitutions” and we cannot supply the product requested, you will not receive another product in its place.

I think that I have accidentally sent my order twice, how can I check that I haven’t?

Check your past orders. Using the panel on the left side, click on the day on which you sent the order(s). If there is more than one order detailed, contact our Customer Care team and request that one order be deleted.

I am unsure whether or not the order I sent has gone through?

Check your past orders. Using the panel on the left side, click on the day on which you believe you sent the order(s). If there is an order there, you order has been submitted successfully, if not, we have not received an order. Generally speaking, if the items in your order are still in your trolley, it has not been sent.

Checkout and coupons

Are the credit card details I submit secure?

Countdown Online is always up to date with the latest security measures.

When can I shop if I want to use a credit card or debit card?

You can shop immediately if you are paying by credit card or debit card.

If I want to pay by direct debit and have sent my application form to the bank, when am I able to use this payment option?

We will send you an e-mail notification informing you that you are now able to shop. This generally takes between 5 and 10 working days.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay either by credit card, debit card, direct debit or with a Countdown Gift Card (The Grocery Only Card cannot be used to pay for Online Groceries). You can currently pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Card. If you would like the option of paying by direct debit, you can set this up when you register, or contact our Customer Care Team for assistance.

When will the money be taken from my account?

As a general rule, payment will be finalised when your order is picked up for delivery. For most areas, this is the same day the order is delivered, but may not be the case for delivery addresses outside the main cities. For Direct Debit orders, payment is finalised the next business day after an order has been picked up for delivery.

Total value of the order is authorised by the banks at the time the order is processed on the website. Payment is finalised on the day your order gets delivered. Depending on your bank’s processes it can take up to 7 working days for this to show up on your account.

What happens if there is no money in my account when the direct debit is authorised?

Progressive resubmit for payment three times. This is an automated process that cannot be put on hold or stopped. Each time you dishonour, you will be sent an email notifying you of the dishonour. After the fourth dishonour, our Customer Care Team will follow up with you directly. You will then receive two warning letters advising of the debt and the consequences of non-payment. If payment is still not made, the debt will be passed to debt collectors for civil recovery. You will be liable for all bank fees and all costs associated with debt collection.

Can I redeem my Onecard vouchers in the Online stores?

Yes, but you must post us your voucher with your online shopping invoice and we will arrange a refund to the value of your voucher.

Post your Rewards Vouchers and your order receipt to:

Online Shopping Customer Care
Freepost 5517
Private Bag 93306

Can I set up an account and pay at the end of the month?


Do I get fuel discount vouchers if I shop Online?

No, fuel discount vouchers are only available when shopping in-store.

Can I pay for my online order with my Countdown Gift card?

Yes, Countdown Gift cards can be used for payment when shopping online.

Delivery and Click & Collect

Who picks my order?

A dedicated Personal Shopper handpicks your order. Personal Shoppers are professional shoppers that have been trained to select products as if they were shopping for their own families.

What happens if a product I ordered is not quite what I wanted?

Take the product along with your invoice to your nearest Countdown store. They will refund you the price you paid for the product.

What happens if a product is delivered that is broken or out-of-date?

If any product reaches you in a damaged/spoilt condition, call us and we will arrange a refund.

If I “Allow Substitutions” what price will I be charged for items that have been substituted?

If a product you requested is not available, we will try to substitute with a similar product of equal or higher value, but only charge you at the price of the originally requested product. Only as a last resort, will we substitute with a lower value product. In this case, we will charge you for the lower value product.

How much does it cost to ‘Click & Collect’?

To use the ‘Click & collect’ service, it will cost you a flat fee of $5. Just $5 for someone to pick and pack your groceries for you. Now that saves you time! This amount is added on top of your order.

Are you a frequent online shopper who likes to collect your groceries in-store? Find out how you can save more on your collection fee with our Collection Pass. Click here for more information.

Where do I collect my groceries in-store

To collect your groceries, simply head to the Customer Service Desk at the store where you placed your order. Please make sure that you bring some form of ID (eg: Driver's License) or a copy of your order confirmation email, show a staff member at the Customer Service Desk and they will organise for your groceries to be brought direct to you.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I collect an order in-store

Please make sure that you bring some form of ID (eg: Driver's License) or a copy of your order confirmation email.

If a persons under the age of 18 is collecting your order and you have alcohol in that order, we will not be able to supply the alcohol in that order.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most locations on mainland New Zealand, i.e. the North and South Islands although if you live outside the main cities our offer is restricted to non-perishable items only. With the exception of Great Barrier, we do not deliver to coastal Islands.

What are the delivery times and when must I place my order?

This depends upon where you live and can be viewed here.

Do I need to be at home to receive a delivery?

We strongly recommend that you are home to receive your order. Our delivery times have been created to enable you to be home to receive your order. If you are not home, your order may be left at your door, at which point it becomes your responsibility. For your first order and those containing alcohol/tobacco, we may insist on you being home and require proof that you are over 18 and thus eligible to accept the order.

If I was not home to receive my delivery, it was left at my door and has now deteriorated, will you refund or replace?

No. It is your responsibility to be home during the delivery time to ensure you are home to receive your order. If your order is left at your door, you are responsible for the order.

Am I able to receive my order at a specific time within the delivery time I have selected?

No, as the couriers have many deliveries to complete and must do so within a certain time, they need to plan their delivery routes based on what is most efficient.

If I order a product that is out of stock, will it be delivered with my next order?

No, however you will not be charged for the product in your final invoice. If the product is essential, and another brand is OK, use the substitutions feature.

TXT Alerts

What are TXT Alerts?

Countdown Online Shopping now sends delivery notification texts to your mobile phone, to let you know when your online shopping order is about to arrive.

How do I get TXT Alerts?

To get TXT Alerts sent to your mobile phone for your Online Shopping, please make sure your mobile phone number is up to date in your account settings {link to account settings}

What does it cost?

TXT alerts are free. Fees are subject to change and in addition to any fees charged by your mobile services provider.

Fresh flowers

How do i send flowers to someone else

To send a bouquet of flowers to someone else, please add their delivery address to your account

To change the recipients name on the order, please tell us who in the 'Personal Shopper Notes'.

Please make sure that you have selected the address of your recipient.

When will my flowers order arrive?

Generally unless a specific delivery time has been requested we will deliver your flowers/gift as quickly as possible. If you have placed an order over the weekend your order will be prepared and dispatched first thing on Monday morning. We are closed on New Zealand Public holidays, so if ordered on these days, we will make and dispatch your order the following day. When ordering you can stipulate am or pm delivery.

How will my gift be packaged?

At Countdown Online we select the freshest in season varieties direct from the grower and combine with a simple stylish wrap.

We wrap all our bouquets in a wet wrapped to ensure freshness on arrival.

We type and print your message on a Fresh Flowers signature card to go with your order.

What quality can I expect when ordering fresh flowers from Countdown Online?

We have a dedicated floral team who will receive your order and organize for it to be made and dispatched as soon as humanly possible for you.

We put a lot of care and attention into processing your order and we pride ourselves in quality service and your products arriving in tact and on time.

If it's not perfect, We'll make it right for you!

Do you ship flowers overseas?

No, we do not ship overseas. For now flowers are only available in the Auckland region, we do plan on rolling out delivery to other cities later on.